About us

Great design… more than just good aesthetics.

+Met3 architects forms the extension of the Sole Proprietorship of the “N. Metaxas Architectural Firm”, which is constantly present in the field of design and construction since 1977, having to demonstrate an array of 750 works, the 630 of which have already been completed.

+Met3 architects is a design intensive architectural firm located in Athens, Greece and engages a diverse range of projects, from large scale buildings to interiors and research projects, and implementing inventive ideas that transform each project’s very parameters into a design trajectory, exploring opportunistic intersects between space, program, design, budget and materials.

Its designs aim to increase sensual perception: physical interactions and experiences between man and architecture thus enduring cultural and topographical boundaries, sparking intuition above rational understanding.

+MET3   architects   maintains an open-minded attitude towards the most unconventional concepts, and engages on all scales with mindful and genuine design.

The firm is committed to a wide range of consultations and opportunities, from residential design to product design and special purpose buildings.

At all scales with which the studio engages with design, the selection of materials utilized, embodies this code of conduct: these are chosen according to their endurance as well as their ability to convey the intended concept. Special materials are thus juxtaposed in an accurately detailed syntax, so that no solution is standardized.

Projects reflect conceptual experience by creating both environmentally efficient and esthetically moderate environments. The attributes of dynamical landscapes, materials, and natural light molding, as well as the potency of spatial volumes, create solutions to the client’s pragmatic obligations, buildability, and context. Our designs are created to amplify people’s lives by juxtaposing reflective feelings, energy, astonishment, cohesion, discovery and escape.

Each +MET3 architects project is enriched and verified through frequent and consolidated collaboration with expertized affiliates. The office’s main focus is to create a multitude of constructional techniques to best suit each unique design. Profoundly conscious of the environmental impact of its products, the studio is committed to maintain and thrive in the beauty of the collective ecosystem through excellence in quality.

+MET3 architects work with the client, accommodating users, their program and other project parameters to develop a uniquely tailored solution, embracing not just form but also direction, goals, and the balance between cost, function, and other elements. Materials, technology, and context are all key elements of the design approach, spiced up always with an irreverent or surprising twist.

Sunland Properties

“Sunland Properties S.A.” Construction Company is actively involved in the field of construction as well as construction management since 2000.

From concepts, we shape intuitive experiences, based on you, not us, nor a certain color or type of material.