“Sunland Properties S.A.” Construction Company is actively involved in the field of construction as well as construction management since 2000.The array of the Company’s projects includes private houses, apartment blocks, office buildings, shopping centers, showrooms, factories, storage buildings etc. The Company is also involved in the field of restoration, decoration and renovation of buildings, formation of indoor and outdoor spaces and reconstruction of wider extents of land for tourism or for commercial infrastructure and usage.

The staff of the Company consists of engineers of all specialties (architects, civil engineers, mechanical and electro mechanical engineers, topographers), designers, graphic designers, legal advisors, accountants, permanent teams of assistant technicians and workers who all together cooperate for the achievement of the goal they set.

The primary target of the Company’s Policy is to provide the Greek market with exceptional construction projects of constantly high quality. In order to achieve this goal, “Sunland Properties S.A.”

Construction Company has set and implements the quality system of ISO 9001-2001 which is followed in every aspect of the company’s functional procedure and which assures the quality of services as well as of the final product.

Our expertise provides full construction services from technical reports to construction management and construction supervision.Sunland Properties provides complete procurement, contractual representation and administration to effectively oversee and manage multiple contractors and suppliers.With one central contact point, Sunland Properties specialist service will ensure the complex projects are managed effectively and efficiently.

Project management from Sunland Properties   – comprehensive supervision, inspection and commissioning services for every phase of your construction project.

We offer you extensive experience in all aspects of construction. As a result, we can help you reduce technical risks, prevent construction errors, control budgets and effectively keep your construction project within the planned schedule. Plus, we can help you meet all applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client based.

Commissioning activities are applicable to all phases of the project, from basis of design, procurement, construction and assembly, until the final handover to the owner.