Project : Private Residence
Location : Sounio, Attica
Date : 2005
Area : 600.00 m²

 A real estate of rare architecture, perfectly adapted to the colors and the geo-environment, in a unique location at the edge of the Attica that harmonically combines the incomparable view of the imposing Temple of Poseidon, the god of the sea, with the luxury of a unique residence which offers tranquility, peace and relaxation. A picture integrated in a blue background, which is the union of the sky colors with the dynamic blue of the Aegean Sea, a place of cultural uplift, made with taste, passion and deep respect for the history of the place.An imposing marble entrance has been shaped from the road to the interior of the property. The specially shaped, open surrounding is planted in its northern part with endemic plants and trees (olives, cypresses, carobs trees, pistachio, thyme, and 100 roots of Greek grapevines). The rest of the surrounding area is bounded by low-height stone walls of special artistic feature, made with local stone, without any modification of the terrain for the gentle integration at the environment. The rest of the property is a network of trails, green areas, an outdoor pool, a covered terrace, a cellar and a bbq area. This property is unique as far as the location and the view is concerned, as well as its particular architecture, as it follows the principles of the bioclimatic architecture and ecological construction, of particular aesthetics, completely integrated into the sensitive archaeological surrounding.