Project : “Juicy Grill” Steak & Burger Restaurant
Location : Holargos, Athens
Date : 2019
Area : 380.00 m²


The goal was to design both the functional structure and the space’s aesthetics with the ultimate goal of meeting the expectations of even the most demanding customer, while creating a pleasant feeling as they enjoy one of the strongest Brands in the field of catering. The space was completely stripped down, highlighting buildings structure with its imposing 6.50-metre concrete columns and solid brick walls. The former allows the visitor to identify the building’s structural elements, while at the same time the use of plants breathes life and colour into the entire interior decor. The hanging vintage windows above the 7-metre oak bench leave an opening between the customer space and the kitchen, discreetly affording the visitor the possibility of peeping in the direction of the preparation area as well.  The different levels and hidden corners create interest and push the visitor to wander and discover the space. The natural trees that adorn the centre of the surrounding area as well as the plants on the perimeter of the premises make the space a paradigm urban backyard.