Project : House Renovation
Location : Kantza, Athens
Date : 2016
Area : 200.00 m²


The specific renovation was very demanding as it was about internal and external intervention to a 1990 house of high architecture and aesthetic so respecting the existing situation we incorporated new ideas with contemporary material and technologies covering fully the demands of the client. The basic objective of the architectural study was the addition In the frame of the building with the creation of an independent entrance for two separate independent houses. The new adjustments while they’re in full harmony with the architecture of the existing building have managed simultaneously to pull the aesthetic of the full project to an advanced design level. The minimal lines of the kitchen from natural oak in combination with white Corian lining and with the fireplace as natural extension of it, we managed to create a concept of linear  surface in the space. The merging between the ‘old’ finishes- materials and our new interventions was the priority for our design proposal.