Project : Eco – Habitat Village Dwellings
Location : Keratea, Attica
Date : 2011
Area : 70.00 m²

The Eco-Habitat Village refers to a new way of living. The concept of the housing complexes is to encourage the daily touch with nature, as well as to enjoy the privacy that an independent house offers.  
Since the access to Athens and the surrounding areas is so easy, the resident does not need to be cut off from the city activities. 
The Village is consisted of eleven housing complexes, well developed in an amphitheatrically landscape of magnificent natural beauty. The housing complexes are created by independent, modern and bioclimatic residences, each one having a private use lot and lovely view. The climate of the area inspired us to design the houses and their exterior spaces according to the concept of “outdoor living” that is widely used in the Mediterranean Countries.
The housing complexes are architecturally designed as minimal volumes with modern elements and natural materials, that project from the amphitheatrically landscape. The use of natural materials, such as local stone, wood, lime-cast and concrete result in the creation of modern residences that blend harmonically with the existing landscape.