Project : Barber rules 2
Location : Chalandri, Athens
Date : 2016
Area : 180.00 m²


The set up of a store of 180 cm of two levels in one of the most central streets in the area of Chalandri. The barber shops used to be once a meeting point for men not only for grooming purposes but also as a venue for exchanging ideas and interaction in general. Bearing that in mind, the space managed to become a fusion of design and functionality as well as comfort and excellent customer service. The entrance has an imposing hinged door made out of concrete, while the interior is dominated by a single solid wooden counter, that has a length of 7m with four working stations. The floor has a chess pattern in two different color tones made out of forged cement, while the waiting room is defined by two wooden ramps of skateboard where there is an obvious California culture style influence. The entire arrangement is completed with a smoked brick in the countertop.
Finally where clearly the posh meets with street art, the reclined from the roof mirrors with the black metallic elements as well as the imposing metallic post 7 m which is utilized as lighting device for the countertops, give a touch of urban style with a manly playground.